Welcome to our distinguished dental practice, where excellence in dentistry is both our tradition and aspiration. As a high-end dental establishment, SDNY Dental prides itself on delivering services that reflect our commitment to providing exceptional dental care in New York, New York. Our primary goal is to facilitate innovation and precision in all that we bring to dentistry.

Unmatched Dental Excellence Since the 1970s

Our dentists possess a remarkable skill set, with a wealth of education and a track record of educating other dentists in graduate programs. We are relentless in our pursuit of dental distinction, constantly pushing the boundaries of improvement and research.

Our journey began in the 1970s, cultivating a rich history and unwavering commitment to the art of dentistry. At our practice, we boast an on-site lab staffed with highly trained technicians, further enhancing the specialization of our dentistry. We offer a comprehensive array of services, ranging from implant and restorative dentistry to cosmetic procedures. While our current demographic primarily consists of individuals in their 40s and above, we aspire to extend our expertise to a younger patient base seeking to explore the higher-end services we offer.

Personalized, Concierge-Level Dental Care

Our practice operates on a fee-for-service basis, ensuring that we provide a concierge level of patient care. When you visit us, expect a warm, welcoming and professional environment where you are greeted by name and receive personalized attention.

We are a close-knit, family-oriented team that works together seamlessly to provide the best possible care. Our long-term staff members are dedicated to fostering a great team environment, and our multilingual capabilities in Spanish, Polish, Japanese and Korean ensure that we can connect with a diverse range of patients.

Join Us in Achieving Dental Excellence

Each of our team members actively participates in major publications and have received numerous awards, reflecting our unwavering dedication to ingenuity and individualized care. Call 212-752-7937 and join us on this journey towards optimal dental wellness, where your smile is our masterpiece.

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